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  • All commissions must fill a corresponding form. One form per picture please.

  • Payment is upfront and in USD, with no exceptions. 

  • ​My art CANNOT be bought or sold for any kind of crypto-currency or NFTs.

  • Your name will appear in the queue when your commission is accepted, but you might be invoiced later.

  • References are preferred to be visual. Collection of photos or text descriptions may have an extra cost.

  • All references must be linked in the form. If you have too many references I suggest making a dropbox folder or an Imgur board.

  • Complex details, wings, scales, outfits, props, etc, might be charged extra.

  • Please read carefully the description of every commission and take into account every question in the form. I will assume artistic freedom over anything not detailed. Ex: "Have my character holding flowers". I will draw whatever flower I see fit.


  • I will only draw original characters. Pokesonas, cosplay, or other representations are ok, but no Simba, Sonic, Pony, or any copyrighted character.

  • I will not copy the style of any other artist. I can copy or remake artwork created by another artist only if said artists allow it.


  • Commissions are assigned a starting date that is flexible depending on my own schedule, it will be posted on the Trello calendar. This means I can change the date at any time so don't forget to check it if you have any doubts.

  • Commissions are to be started in the current month as long as the invoice sent has been paid between the 25th of the prior month and the 25th of the current month. If the commission is paid after the 25th of the current month it will be moved to the queue for next month and hence, can be started at any moment of that month. Ex: A commission paid on Jan 5th will be started before Feb 1st, while a commission paid on Jan 26th will be started before March 1st.

  • If the commission hasn't been started (by sending the first sketch) before the 1st of the next month (asnd has been paid before the 25th as stated avobe) you can request a free sketch of one character. You have only that month to request the sketch, and the offer won't be available after that.

  • If the sketch was sent before the first day of the next month but the commissioner didn't answer until then, the commission will be moved to the next month's queue. Ex: The sketch was sent on Jan 20th but the commissioner answered on Feb 2nd. 

  • The commission will always be sent in 300 PPI and in a size no less than 1000PX. It will be sent via downloadable link.


  • Small changes (expressions, making the character buffier, etc) and mistakes made by me are free of charge and can be requested as needed.

  • Big changes (anything that requires a redrawing such as a completely different pose or change of costume) before an initial sketch are free. After a first sketch was sent it will be charged as an extra sketch.

  • Once the sketch is approved, only small changes can apply.


  • I am free to cancel and/or refund commissions at any given time. 

  • If the commissioner chooses to cancel the commission after a sketch was made, they will be charged for the sketch and refunded the rest. Once the sketch has been worked on (such as the lineart has been started), there are no refunds.


  • The artwork is for personal use only. The commissioner or I can't use the commission for any profit.

  • You can repost the artwork as much as you like and it would be nice of you to tag me. If the commission is not to be posted, or not to be posted before a certain date, you must notify me beforehand (I don't like ruining surprises!)

  • I can use the piece to promote my art as I see fit as long as I am not making a direct profit from it. Ex: I can use it for a banner but I can't sell stickers of it; Unless your permission is given


  • The artwork can't be edited or changed in any way but cropping the picture is good.

  • You must never delete my signature (BUT it is understandable if you crop the picture for an avatar or so).

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